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Chalk Knots

Program Note

The piece Chalk Knots (2023) uses physical modelling, granulation and vocal formant synthesis, among other methods, for producing different tone colours and sound textures. The composition starts quietly with muffled plucked strings. Slowly the colour palette deepens and gets more contrasts. Though mostly sound-based, the piece features also pitched material which slowly evolves in a microtonal way. The pitched sounds grow from a 'seed' interval within a dynamic process.
The work Chalk Knots is written with C++ and a synthesis software built by the author. (The word-pair in the title is a key to a 5x5 word square.)

Technical specification
Format: 8 channel (octophonic) Tape
(Speaker Configuration: Any possible arrangement of eight loudspeakers will do.)

Dur: 00:08:45
Year Composed: 2023
Synthesis environment - Software: MAL-d synthesis software, Hardware: compatible PC

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Updated: 15.10.2023