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Sundog i

Program Note

This little piece, Sundog i for eight loudspeakers, is my second multichannel work. It begins slowly and brightly whispering, but gradually grows more mellow with deeper tones. Like in my last composition, I noticed that finally there were so many streams of sound that can be best heard - like independent musical instruments - from separate loudspeakers, because the spectra are rich. Therefore, instead of spatial movement, the experience of the sonorities and timbres of the music is more important. The piece ends soon in whispers.
The computer music work Sundog i is written with C++ and MAL-d synthesis software.

Technical specification
Format: 8 channel (octophonic) Tape
Even though the work is a multichannel piece, there are no special sound trajectories or loudspeaker positioning expected, i.e. eight speakers somewhere in the room will do fine.

Spatial diagram for performance

For example eight speakers in a ring or two rows (left/right), no specific speaker positioning expected, i.e. eight speakers somewhere in the room will do. However the speakers are like separate musical instruments so they should not be too close to each other to better hear them separately.

Dur: 00:07:39
Year Composed: 2012-2015
Synthesis environment - Software: MAL-d synthesis software, Hardware: compatible PC

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