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Void ii

Program Note

Void ii begins after a short warm-up passage with various metallic sounds that have a controlled simulated acoustic feedback. These noisy eruptions recur periodically, meanwhile softer percussive metallic tones with an elastic pulse emerge among other pitched voices. The pitched material slowly evolves in a microtonal way, and the sounds grow from a "seed" interval within a dynamic process.
The work Void ii (2019) is written with C++ and a synthesis software built by the author. The technical realization uses granular and physically-inspired synthesis, among other methods.

Technical specification
Format: 8 channel (octophonic) Tape
(Speaker Configuration: Any possible arrangement of eight loudspeakers will do.)

Dur: 00:09:58
Year Composed: 2018-2019
Synthesis environment - Software: MAL-d synthesis software, Hardware: compatible PC

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