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Void iv

Program Note

Void iv (2021) is a piece with computer-generated sounds of primarily stringed-instrument qualities. In this work I wanted to explore the sounds from different playing-techniques, and therefore I programmed a realistic physical model into my synthesis environment. I chose Cordis (Cadoz, et al., 1979) and implemented its basic functionality into my own C++ system, and that gives me the possibility to play arco/pizz., sp./st., harmonics, fingered trill, etc., like playing a real stringed instrument. Additionally, I explored the use of parameter values that make the vibrating string not uniform (ie. inhomogeneous), or applied damping the string heavily at varying points while plucking, and so on. Some of the resulting sounds are radically different from the vibrating string with a standard set of parameters. Furthermore, I modelled the effect of the resonances of the body of the instrument, and the acoustics of the surrounding space.
The work Void iv is written with C++ and a synthesis software built by the author.

Technical specification
Format: 8 channel (octophonic) Tape
(Speaker Configuration: Any possible arrangement of eight loudspeakers will do.)

Dur: 00:09:57
Year Composed: 2021
Synthesis environment - Software: MAL-d synthesis software, Hardware: compatible PC

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