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Void i

Program Note

Whereas the idea of the piece Void i is serious the form it takes is never far from the opposite. Much like an architect obsessed with the idea of corners, ending up building them everywhere, the piece is possessed with a single phrase of heavily damped sounds, that recur densely like seen from a multitude of viewpoints. So, as if the flames of a burning soul were quenched by the fuel of haunting, the piece makes its way like through a perilous ritual of digitized exorcism, and therefore - by nullifying with excess - it, finally, becomes void.
The composition Void i (2015-2016) has six sections, each starting with a more vivid - kaleidoscopic - part and then settling down. The work was written with C++ and a synthesis software built by the author.

Technical specification
Format: 8 channel (octophonic) Tape
Even though the work is a multichannel piece, there are no special sound trajectories or loudspeaker positioning expected, i.e. eight speakers somewhere in the room will do fine.

Spatial diagram for performance

For example eight speakers in a ring or two rows (left/right), no specific speaker positioning expected, i.e. eight speakers somewhere in the room will do. However the speakers are like separate musical instruments so they should not be too close to each other to better hear them separately.

Dur: 00:06:05
Year Composed: 2015-2016
Synthesis environment - Software: MAL-d synthesis software, Hardware: compatible PC


A SHORT note for European premiere.

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