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The Ex.1 shows the score page 3 (mm. 5-6).

The Ex.2 shows the score page 7 (mm. 15-17).

The Ex.3 shows the score pages ii-iv and 1-2 (mm. 1-5).

Program Note

[Elegia] "My composition Elegia has a central place in my orchestral pieces. I explored new sounds, possibilities and freedom from the more traditional approach of my earlier works (and Elegia also possesses the key elements of my later electro-acoustic works!). I was fascinated in the pitches 'between black and white keys', glissandos, unpitched sounds ('noises'), and so on. There are a lot of soloistic parts (especially for percussion and harp), and general diversity in the performance. In a way, there is room for the sounds to form up and move in the silent space, and, as well, enough time to listen to them carefully. But every now and then violent fortissimos interrupt the silence. Elegia was composed during the years 1989-1990, and is dedicated to the memory of my musician colleague, Ismo Järvinen." (Kari Väkevä)

Teosesittely (Finnish)

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